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  1. alarmon4ever answered: definitely the Salvatore brothers!!
  2. tallasianchick answered: Winchester.
  3. desertflower303 answered: The Salvatore brothers for sure!
  4. manga-daisuke answered: definitely the salvatore boys ^_^
  5. angel-a5 answered: It’s hard, very hard. But I would say the Salvatore Brothers
  6. thisboyoverflowers answered: The Winchesters from Supernatural have a special place in my heart
  7. klarolinedelena4ever answered: Salvatores!!!!!
  8. aeleita-just-got-excited-and answered: Winchesters.
  9. definitelysatan answered: Winchesters.
  10. fuckyeahaligoose answered: Winchesters. It says it in the name, they WIN. ;3
  11. longlivethemoose answered: How can you even ask that. Sam and Dean win hands down.
  12. xoxo-corrado answered: salvatores all day!!! <333
  13. supernatural111 answered: Um .. the boys Winchester boys who else. ?
  14. theassbuttchronicles answered: Winchester. No competition.
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